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eProsima Fast DDS Visualizer Plugin is a plugin for the PlotJuggler application. PlotJuggler is a graphical desktop application providing visualization features of data series, time series, X-Y plots. It also adds data management features, such as data import and export, custom and built-in data manipulation functions, data series merges, etc. Also, this software supports many different layouts, with dynamic, rich and user-friendly customization.

Fast DDS Visualizer Plugin allows users to visualize topic-related data from a DDS network. The user can select several topics from the discovered topics running in the DDS network. These topics will be divided by values using data type introspection, and each value could be visualized and managed separately, allowing the user to quickly visualize in different ways the detailed data content that is being exchanged in the network.

eProsima Fast DDS Visualizer Plugin supports the following features:

  1. Data type introspection: by using Fast DDS Dynamic Types, this plugin allows to discover the data type of the topic, and to visualize the data content using the corresponding data type.

  2. DDS Configurations: Different configurations can be set to choose the Domain Id and to select specific DDS Topics to be visualized.

  3. All PlotJuggler features: This plugin composes nicely with all the PlotJuggler features, so that users can create rich graphs from sophisticated data manipulations.

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