1.1. PlotJuggler eProsima Edition

To launch the Fast DDS Visualizer Plugin, from a terminal run

$ plotjuggler

1.2. Other eProsima applications

These are some of the features added in the Fast DDS Suite that may be useful for users of the Fast DDS Visualizer Plugin.

1.2.1. Shapes Demo

To launch the Shapes Demo, from a terminal run

$ ShapesDemo

eProsima Shapes Demo usage information can be found on the Shapes Demo First Steps.

1.2.2. Fast DDS Monitor

To launch the Fast DDS Monitor, from a terminal run

$ fastdds_monitor

eProsima Fast DDS Monitor usage information can be located on the Fast DDS Monitor User Manual.

1.2.3. Fast DDS Examples

Included in this Docker container is a set of binary examples that showcase several functionalities of the Fast DDS libraries. These examples’ path can be accessed from a terminal by typing

$ goToExamples

From this folder you can access all Fast DDS examples.